This means we do custom designs based on your needs, desires, and dreams. We can start a design from scratch or work from an existing plan in order to create spaces that are a reflection of who you are and enrich your living. 


The Advantages of a Design/Build Company


A construction project takes an immense amount of communication. Often information gets lost, misunderstood, or forgotten when moving from client to designer to contractor. Often contractors will not grasp the passion, importance, or vision of parts of a project or the project in its entirety. A major advantage of JCD is we never stop designing. As the project is being built new ideas often come that improve the project.  Most often they are small moves that make a big difference. We want your project to be the best it can be. We understand that this often isn’t possible until the process of “fine tuning” or “making it just right” takes place. As designers/contractors we have the ability to communicate the improvement to the client, make the improvement quickly, and deliver high quality projects.


The Design process is a critical part of a project. The better the design and planning, the better the end result. During the design process time is spent learning who you are and what makes you, your family, or business function and live well.


The Construction Process is equally important. Using the correct process and technique is important to high quality and an attractive end result. JCD is known for attention to detail and making sure everything is done correctly and completely. We pride ourselves on establishing great business relationships and always deal with our clients directly. Our suppliers and Sub -Contractors understand that JCD always demands high quality and professional service.